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"Combined manicure Mozhzheri"

  • technique complete walkthrough
  • architecture of coating
  • long-term coating application without chips analysis
  • choosing materials, equipment and tools
  • clean filing
  • using upper forms: mistakes and fixes
  • manicure macro photo that sells you

Demonstration of nail extension using polygel/gel with the upper form molds

  • preparation of the nail plate
  • choice of materials
  • sawdust of clear forms
  • various options for using upper forms (base/color/top/polygel, gel, nail extensions and strengthening)


(without using drill machine and e-file bits)

You will learn VIP manicure with MOZHZHERI file is the most pleasant cuticle removal technique without cutting instruments, which is even suitable for children and pregnant women.


Just see the work of our students right after the Nail Forum

MOZHZHERI customer service guide

  • communication channels with the client
  • creating a special atmosphere
  • service starts with emotions
  • how to prevent conflicts
  • high quality service is always teamwork
  • MOZHZHERI special complementary services (demo)
How it was in February, 2023
Photo report from the nearest Mozhzheri Nail Forum in EMEA
What you’re getting from Forum in Dubai

In ONE DAY all forum participants will learn how to perform a combined manicure with tweezers, use the E-file machine, discover all the nuances of applying a long-lasting close to the cuticle coating without chips, strengthening the nail plate, and, of course, the latest trends in the nail industry!

  • VIP manicure with MOZHZHERI files is the most pleasant cuticle removal technique without cutting instruments, which is even suitable for children and pregnant women.
  • We will reveal the secrets of flawless service in a beauty salon and teach you how to keep a client coming back forever.
  • During our Forum you will not only improve your professional knowledge and gain experience, you will have an amazing time spent learning what you love and meeting like-minded people!
  • Each participant also receives a certificate of professional training and a gift from the MOZHZHERI brand.
  • Each tech who elevates their professional expertise, follows the latest trends in the nail industry, respects their time and labour, should invest a day of their life into mastering the MOZHZHERI manicure standard
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Dubai, UAE
September, 30, 2023
Ramee Dream Hotel Downtown
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